Weekend Escape: Vegas for Non-Gamblers

Feb 22, 2018 | Lifestyle, Travel

Sin City is filled with bright lights, interesting sights, sounds, food, drinks, and of course, casinos! But what if you don’t want to gamble? Don’t worry. Vegas has a lot more to offer than what first meets the eyes. Here’s a non-gamblers guide to Las Vegas:

Grand Canyon

Chances are that the Grand Canyon is on your list whether you want to gamble or not. There are plenty of companies that offer trips to visit the Grand Canyon, with options ranging from bus tours to helicopter tours, airplane tours, or even a combination of these. The Grand Canyon is definitely a must see and depending on the amount of time you have, you will likely have to choose between The West Rim (closer to Las Vegas), which means you will have the most time to enjoy the sights; The South Rim, which is further but actually in the National Park. The South Rim is also the most crowded, but offers dramatic Canyon views; or Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, which is the furthest but offers one of the most breathtaking views. Aside from joining an arranged tour, consider renting a car so that you can spend more time at each location (just make sure you research the entrance fees).

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


If you are planning to rent a car, rent it from the airport. The rental cost at the airport is only a fraction of the ones located on The Strip.

Consider taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, as it is really a unique experience to be able to see just how Grand the Canyon is. They usually have a stop in the Canyon so that you can see it from another perspective.

The Hoover Dam and Kayaking

Many of the tours to the Grand Canyon will stop at a nearby bridge for a photo opportunity of the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is about an hour from Las Vegas. If you have more time than just a photo stop, you can join a guided tour and also have the opportunity to walk across the dam. Another option, depending on the season, is to kayak the Colorado River, which gives you a different view – from below the dam.


Hiking Red Rock Canyon

Only around 30 mins from the city is the beautiful Red Rock Canyon, which offers tons of hiking and biking trails. The red sandstone bluffs are beautiful and perfect for photos! The trails are well marked and the views are amazing! It really is a nice contrast to the bright lights on The Strip.

Hiking Red Rock Canyon


Tip: There is limited cell reception once you get close to the Canyon, so have everything that you need scheduled ahead of time, like a cab/Uber to get back.


Aside from gambling, each of the massive casino hotels also offers a multitude of amazing shows. This is what Vegas is also known for – its wide arrange of shows ranging from concerts to strip shows, and everything in between. Aside from seeing the big shows like Celine Dion at Caesar’s Palace and Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood, you can also consider checking out one of the many Cirque du Soleil shows.

Tip: There are a lot of last minute ticket booths around The Strip, which is great if you are not picky about the show you want to watch, but beware that many of the popular shows are not available at discounted prices. You should plan ahead and make sure you do get tickets to shows that you really, really want to see.

Trapeze Las Vegas

After seeing the Cirque du Soleil you will want to visit The Trapeze Las Vegas, where you can become a performer for a little while. As the site says, Las Vegas has become a circus mecca and visiting audiences are mesmerized by ethereal circus acts and yearn to experience the mythical world of the cirque performer. Trapeze Las Vegas provides fun and safe cirque-like experiences.



Fremont Street

Ready for shopping and drinks? Just outside the main Strip is downtown Vegas, where you will find cheap shopping and drinks… and the original casinos.

Fremont Street

Seven Magic Mountains

This is a cool art installation just outside of Vegas that brings a splash of colour to the red/brown desert background. It consists of colourful-stacked boulders weighing between 20-25 tons. This is a great spot for a photoshoot but there really isn’t much more to do around the area.

Seven Magic Mountains

Tip: Make sure you go before May 2018, as they will be taking this installation down.


The Strip has some of the best food in the world ranging from celebrity owned fancy restaurants to giant buffets. There’s also a vibrant food scene off-Strip that’s worth exploring, including a number of excellent annual food and drink events.

Piranha Nightclub

And for a fun night out, check out the best gay club in Las Vegas. Piranha is a chic, high-energy dance club with beautiful go-go boys, a lavish VIP area and a great outdoor patio. There are 3 separate rooms with different music, and the main dance area has a second floor that overlooks the dance floor, in case you want to people watch.






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