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Travel blog barry hoy
Travel blog barry hoy

Destinations, Must See’s & Do’s, Local Experiences: Off the Beaten Path, Vacation Planning Tips


Travel blog asianmapleleaf
Travel blog asianmapleleaf

Long Distance Relationship, Staycations, Travel Accessories, Clothing & Products, Spas

Long Distance Relationship
Staycations, Travel Accessories
Clothing & Products, Spas
Culinary Excursions, Restaurants, Lounges,
Wine Pairing, Kitchen Adventures.
Quinoa, Sushi, and Noodles


Lifestyle blog barry hoy
Lifestyle blog asianmapleleaf

Culinary Excursions: Restaurants, Lounges, Tasting Menus, Desserts, Wine Pairing, Kitchen Adventures. I love Quinoa, Sushi, and Noodles.

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About asianmapleleaf

Canadian transplant in New York City and beyond.

About asianmapleleaf

Canadian transplant in New York City and beyond.

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Qick Bio

I’m Barry and I am an avid world traveler living in New York but a Canadian at heart. This blog and Instagram has become a platform for me to share my experiences with you. I love to travel, eat, and am into fashion and fitness.

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Greater Purpose

I’m on a journey of self-discovery and adventure, and I’m excited to see what the future holds. Follow me on all my adventures!

The Perfect 4-Day Getaway in Puerto Rico

From my blog

Most recent life happenings.

Letters from Verona

Letters from Verona

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Face it, we’ve all wanted a love like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (okay, without the double-suicide, but still.) Even in 2022, hoards of hopeless romantics travel all of the way to Verona, Italy in hopes that one of the most...

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Our First Trip to Alaska

Our First Trip to Alaska

Spending a week in Alaska with my boyfriend, Teraj, truly felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience (although I know I will be back!) We were unsure about spending time in the Final Frontier during the beginning of the “off-season,” but although it was cold, there was...

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The Best Rides at Universal Orlando

The Best Rides at Universal Orlando

Universal Studios and Universal’s Island of Adventure are filled with unforgettable experiences. Some include classic rides and shows that keep guests coming back, and others are brand new adventures like the Velocicoaster. Every time I go to Universal parks, a few...

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