Whether you are off to a weekend getaway or a longer trip, packing a carry-on is definitely on your to do list. Here are the best Travel Tips top carry-on essentials that will make your packing experience stress free while ensuring that you have everything that you need.

Passport Holder and Pen – Being organized can save you a lot of time at the airport. Bellroy has amazing minimalist travel wallets with slots for your passport, Nexus card, lounge access cards, and more. I also recommend having a pen around to fill out those immigration forms!

passport holder

Noise Canceling Headphones – This is probably one of my most used travel essentials. It’s great for listening to music or watching a movie while waiting to board the plane, or during the flight. My personal favourite is the Bose QuietComfort 35.

Disinfectant Wipes – Did you know the food tray is one of the dirtiest spots on the plane? I always bring disinfectant wipes with me and use them to wipe down the seat, buckles, and food tray! The last you thing you need is to get sick while on vacation.

Garment Folder – This is a must have, especially if you don’t plan to get settled in the hotel and unpack until hours after you get in. Garment folders like the Eagle Creek Pack-it are super convenient. It keeps a change of clothes neatly folded and ready to go in case you need to get ready for a business meeting right after you land, or whatever the case may be.

In-Flight Toiletry Kit – Another essential, especially if you have a long flight ahead, or if you are not getting settled into your hotel right away. I personally like having quick access to things like face creams and hand lotion being that it’s super dry on planes, and also, cologne, toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste – all travel size, of course.

Neck Pillow, Eye Mask and Earplugs – This trio is a must for a relaxed nap during your flight.

Ziploc Bags – These are great to store your snacks and liquids so you can quickly go through security checks… and it prevents any spills on your clothes and other packed items.

Multi Device Charging Wires – Chafon makes super convenient multi-charger cables so you can charge multiple things at once without having to carry around multiple chargers. And don’t forget power adapters – depending on the destination.

Reusable Water Bottle – It’s always good to have a water bottle around, especially when facing long waits to board your flight. Keep the bottle empty through security and fill it for free after to stay hydrated.

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