Celebrating Pride Month: Meet StreetStylePoser

Jun 22, 2018 | Lifestyle Blog

I’m back with the last Q&A… for now. This has been a fun series and I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting new people, and getting to know more about the ones you already knew. Today, I’m interviewing Henry from streetstyleposer.


Tell us about yourself. When did you start blogging and using Instagram?

I started blogging and using Instagram around 2013 when I first moved to Sydney. I was doing it for fun and using it as a platform to learn photography and how to write. It was my visual diary for my travels and passion for menswear.

I was one of the early adopters of Instagram, although I wasn’t heavily using it until a couple of years later. It was fun and more community-focused back then and users were genuine about connecting with others.


Where do you draw inspiration for your outfits?

Runway shows, editorials and of course, Instagram. I’m fortunate to be blessed with an eye for style and design, which makes it easy for me to be able to put together outfits. I also tend to think thematically when it comes to dressing. It’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but it’s something I enjoy so I guess it comes naturally.


You also have a travel section on your blog – describe your dream vacation.

A dream vacation would be one where I’m able to tick off all the items from my itinerary. More often than not, I find myself finishing a vacation and wishing I had done more, simply because of lack of time. While people say you can always go back, the truth is, you don’t. There are so many countries, so many cities… that you don’t really go back for a while.


What is one place you haven’t been to yet, but is at the top of your list? 



Are you openly gay to your friends, family, and co-workers?

I’m not someone who goes around announcing I’m gay, but I don’t hide it either. Unlike what you see on Instagram, I’m actually quite a private person. I’m selective with the information I give out but at the same time, I’m honest about it.


How old were you when you came out to your family? Looking back, is there anything you’d have done differently? Do you wish you had told them sooner?

About 19 or 20. I don’t think I would have come out sooner or later. In retrospect, I would tell my younger self that everything will work out and people will judge you as long as they’re ignorant (and there are a lot of them), so just be yourself. I think had I known back then what I know now, I might have made different decisions but I would still probably get to where I am now anyway.


You recently just got married – congrats! – What does your family think of your interracial relationship?  Was it an issue?

If there was any issue, it was more about me getting married to a guy than a white person. Some of my family members are probably still ignorant about LGBT people because Singapore (that’s where I’m originally from) isn’t as progressive as it should be when it comes to this.



Do you feel like there are challenges being in an interracial (intergaycial) relationship?

Culturally yes. I’m very pragmatic while Glenn is someone who thinks with his heart and I think it’s because we were brought up differently according to our cultures. Asians tend to be stoic and don’t show as much emotion while Glenn is the polar opposite since he’s from a Polish background. We got into many fights about this at the start of our relationship, but we’ve worked things out.


Unfortunately, some cultures are not as friendly as others when it comes to same sex couples. Have you come across any issues while traveling to other countries?

I wouldn’t necessarily say there have been any issues. When Glenn and I travel, we are wary of cultural differences. We hold hands and are affectionate in public in Sydney but we wouldn’t do that in places where gay culture is still largely not accepted.


Has Instagram changed the way you travel?

Absolutely. I’m always saving posts of destinations or hotels into my collection for future trips. I think visual is the first thing that travel invokes and that’s why Instagram is a great point of reference. Sadly though, I’m now one of those Insta-FOMO travelers.



This or That – Travel Edition

Fly or Road Trip  – Fly

Walk or Uber  – If it’s a city I’ve been to before, Uber.

Airbnb or Hotel – Hotel, for sure! Airbnb was great when it first started out, but now that it’s a full on business, they care more about data and the number of users than actual hospitality and what’s being offered.

Luxury hotel or camping – Luxury hotel, duh!

Sleep In or Wake Up Early – Wake up early but not too un-humanly early.

Nature or City – I’m Asian so probably city.

Mountains or Beach – Beach. I only like mountains if they’re covered in snow.

Summer destination or winter destination – Winter destination, only because it feels like summer in Sydney most of the year.

Adventure or Relaxing – At this moment, adventure.

East Coast or West Coast – Hmmm, I haven’t explored enough to comment but I didn’t like LA that much and I love NYC so…

Resort or Cruise – Resort – cruises are for old ladies.

Fine dining or street food – Street food as long as I don’t end up with the shits! I always end up being hungry after fine dining because the portions are so small and food is for consumption, not admiration.

Planner or free spirit – Definitely planner.

One long trip or many short trips – Many short trips except it’s hard when you live in Australia and everywhere is far away.


Make sure you stop by streetstyleposer.com and follow on Instagram @streetstyleposer


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  1. Bhairavi Janssens

    Loved the article-I follow Henry on Instagram-admire his style, his posts always have the winning combination of fashion and humour!!


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