Celebrating Pride Month: Meet HueyDavid

Jun 17, 2018 | Lifestyle Blog, Travel Blog

Huey and David were one of my first Instagram friends. I met them years back when I was still living in Toronto, and I was so excited to have new instafriends, especially at a time when I didn’t have many followers. Huey and David are super cute together! They are another intergaycial couple, and you can find HueyDavid on Instagram @huey_david and YouTube. Check them out!


Tell us a little about yourselves.

We are Huey and David, a married interracial couple, and we started blogging and “instagraming” after getting a bunch on weird comments for being a gay interracial couple.

We realized that even within the community there was some work to be done. People are often ignorant due to lack of exposure – if you don’t see, you don’t know. So we decided that people needed to see more of us, and others like us.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick? Why?

We wouldn’t say any specific location but we plan on opening a boutique hotel somewhere once we retire. Definitely somewhere warm, a bit out of the beaten path on a beach.

We definitely have a big crush on Asian countries but some European countries are very charming too.


Describe your dream vacation.

Our dream vacation would probably request us to either quit our jobs and do travel vlogs all the time, or win the lottery! haha

We would love to just leave for a year and do a huge euro trip – France, Italy, Croatia, England, etc.

What is one place you haven’t been to yet, but is at the top of your list.

Iceland or New Zealand. Our next destination will most likely be Iceland – next year.


Are you openly gay to your friends, family, and co-workers?

We both are out of the closet completely. We don’t go outside and scream it on the roofs but we won’t hide it if someone asks, plus it is kind of obvious anyway. ;P


How old were you when you came out to your family? Looking back, is there anything you’d have done differently? Do you wish you had told them sooner?

David: I was 15 years old and I was going through some intense bullying at school, in the street, literally everywhere, even from the teachers! I decided I needed at least a safe haven and the only way to get that was to tell my parents, and it was “make it or break it”. There was a little adjustment period but they both are very accepting now and 110% supportive. They are the best!

Huey: I came out only recently after meeting David. He gave me the courage to stop living in fear of telling my mom. It was important for him to build a family where the kids’ grandma would be part of their lives and for that, she needed to know, or our family would just drift away slowly from pushing her away in ignorance. She took it hard at first (like a lot of parents of Asian culture), but she is totally supportive now and she even treats David like her own son. Everything turned out for the best and my mom and I got much closer.


How long have you been together? Tell us all about him and how he is to travel with.

We have been married for almost 3 years now and together for 5. We love travelling together and we pretty much work to travel – we barely have enough vacation days. We try to do as much as we can before we have kids but even after, we will bring them around the world and transfer our love for travel to them. We love the same things so it is not hard for us to travel together. We can both backpack and we need very little comfort to feel home and enjoy the local things.


Do you feel like there are additional challenges (or benefits) because you are in an interracial relationship?

Some people were being very judging, even within the community. A lot of people were telling David, “Why are you dating an Asian guy?” or they would tell Huey, “Why don’t you date an Asian guy?” Calling us Potato or Rice queens. This is mostly ignorance, hence us becoming influencers. 😀



Unfortunately, some cultures are not as friendly as others when it comes to same sex couples. Have you come across any issues while traveling to other countries?

Not at all for the simple reason that we avoid those countries. We advocate for LGBTQ as much as we can, but we would not risk going to Russia as example, where we could get in trouble simply by grabbing each others hand in public, which is a very normal and common for us. It’s easy to forget where you are, and being gay is criminal there pretty much.


What has been the friendliest country so far?

Thailand was definitely friendly. Their culture is very inclusive for gay and trans people. We could walk in the street hand in hand and kiss. People would not even look at us. It is just normal for them. They have an amazing gay nightlife and LGBTQ are part of their society.


Has Instagram changed the way you travel?

Not so much at the moment. We have not dived into the influencer potential for traveling that it can bring, but we sure will look into it.



This or That – Travel Edition

Fly or Road Trip – Fly

Walk or Uber – Walk

Airbnb or Hotel – Airbnb

Luxury hotel or camping – Camping

Sleep In or Wake Up Early – Early

Nature or City – hmmmm need both really

Mountains or Beach – Beach

Summer destination or winter destination – Summer

Adventure or Relaxing – Adventure

East Coast or West Coast – West

Resort or Cruise – Resort

Fine dining or street food – Street food

Planner or free spirit – Free spirit

One long trip or many short trips – One long trip


Don’t forget to check out Huey and David on Instagram @huey_david and YouTube!



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