Let’s Collaborate

I’m Barry, a freelance writer, luxury brand ambassador & influencer, and content creator. My blog, asianmapleleaf, is a trusted and fun source of all things travel, and as my blog grows, I’ve been fortunate to have created more and more collaborations with some of my favourite brands and destinations.


I fell in love with traveling as a kid and since then, I’ve been constantly exploring new places and discovering new foods. These experiences, which include local and LGBT travel favourites, are shared with a network of up to a million readers and followers, through popular publications including Swagger Magazine, Passport Magazine, Vogue Hong Kong, Out Magazine, ManAboutWorld, and more.

My goal is to inspire readers to travel more while making the most of their trip.

I’m also always looking to form new opportunities to collaborate with diverse magazines and blogs all over the world, sometimes through ideas and content that I create, and others through content that is specifically requested. This allows me to not only help the magazines and blogs looking for new content, but I also get to meet some incredible people along the way.


Whether it is a hotel or product, I absolutely love sharing the brands that I’m passionate about with my readers and followers. Through sponsored posts and collaborations, I share my experiences, favourite brands, and connect with people who typically have the same interests. Throughout my adventures, I turn life’s moments into a series of photos and stories along the way.


I LOVE creating content! Whether through blog posts, articles, social media posts, videos or photography, producing content for the brands I love has also become a big passion of mine. Content created is often used on websites, social media, and throughout various marketing campaigns.


Contact me at barry@asianmapleleaf.com for our media kit and to discuss collaboration opportunities.




“Barry was able to use a creative lens and vision to implement his personal interests while also emphasizing the restaurants aesthetic and menus” – Emily Chestler, Bullfrog + Baum
“You nailed those shots… speaks so much about lifestyle…” – Mosaiqe watches

“The blog post looks fantastic…” – James Winning, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Fairmont Dallas
“It was such a pleasure to meet you. You have no idea how much we enjoyed having you staying with us. You are definitely a true Fairmont Ambassador! We are very lucky to be part of your Fairmont Journey!” – Valeria Jaguande, Fairmont Gold Manager at the Fairmont Dallas
“You can easily relate to Barry through his photos because you can picture yourself in his shoes. This is why I believe his followers engage with him so positively and that we, as a brand, enjoy working with him!” – Michele Guzzo, Director Marketing, Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth
“Working with Barry was a true pleasure. His ability to authentically capture the entire Fairmont Royal York experience was wonderful and fun to follow along with. Barry’s passion for Fairmont also clearly shone through.” – Megan Van Der Baars, Public Relations Coordinator at the Fairmont Royal York
“It was a delight working with Barry! Through his beautiful photos and in-depth blog post, he showcased our city in his own authentic and creative way. We would gladly welcome him back.”
– Megumi Robinson, CTA – Director, Public Relations – Experience Columbus
“Barry is an absolute joy to work with. He leads with professionalism and creativity in all that he does. The content Barry has created for my brands has been beautiful and spot on with our brand aesthetics. Thank you Barry!” – Lindsay Griffin with BBC International
“It was such a pleasure to have you in Switzerland and we loved the outcome of your work! Great visual content that was expressed in a very own and authentic way. Thanks again for everything!” – Paolo Lunardi, Social Media Manager & Media Relations – Switzerland Tourism
“Your blog and social media shots captured White Oaks perfectly… really showcased our services and amenities. We loved working with Barry!” – Jamie Honsberger, Social Media Manager – White Oaks Resort & Spa

Marc Joseph NY

“Barry was an absolute pleasure to work with. With his great attention to detail and creative eye, he brings images to life. He has an ability to add story, color, and depth to his images which makes all the difference standing out amongst the competition. We at Marc Joseph NY highly recommend working with Barry.” – The Marc Joseph NY Team


I’d love to hear from you! Contact me for collaborations or blog ideas